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4G/LTE based WiFi for Maritime

Crew WIFI is essential for any modern maritime vessel, whether for cruise lines, transport vessels, yachts etc. Blue Wireless offers a reliable solution which offers high performance and ongoing control of cost, all bundled in one solution. As soon as ship comes in range of 4G/LTE networks, WIFI can be offered to the crew at much higher speeds and significantly lower cost compared satellite connections. The solution can be used as stand-alone or integrated with existing LAN/WIFI systems on board as desired.

Crew WiFi Solution Overview

Blue Wireless provides a complete and scalable solution including:

  • Cradlepoint High Speed routers – Rugged design which can handle heat, vibration dust and humidity. Dual 4G-LTE modems (CAT-11 LTE, 600Mbps)

  • Multi-provider SIMs with high usage plans and pricing for your specific locations.

  • WIFI Access Points, which connect directly into the router using POE (Power over Ethernet)

  • Poynting High Gain Antannas. Maritime grade antennas offering connectivity up to 25nm from shore.

  • Netcloud Control. Sophisticated cloud-based management tool to ensure full control without having to go on-site. Offers full details on devices, usage, applications and offers web-filtering options.

Depending on the size of your vessel, size of your fleet, international routes and specific crew requirements we can customize the solution to enable a cost-effective reliable solution for Crew WIFI. Contact us below for a free consultation how we can support your project.

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