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Cradlepoint 4G/LTE Enterprise Router 
Generous 4G Data Allowance
100% Uptime

The Wireless Failover Plan protects your business against network downtime by offering a wireless connection in addition to your wired fixed line connection. With a fixed price per year you are fully protected and your business is never without connectivity.

 How it Works

100% network up-time is essential for any business location, whether large or small. But running your business on a single wired connection is risky. Wired connections can easily be impacted due to network interruptions, cable cuts or natural disasters, so it’s not a question if your business will lose connectivity, but when. And when it does, the impact is immediate and significant, from loss of productivity to loss of customers and revenues. Managed Wireless failover which is a proven method to ensure 100% uptime for your branch.

With integrated Wireless Failover, Blue Wireless will install a failover router at customer location which integrates seamlessly with your existing LAN environment. 

It ensures that both fiber line and wireless 4G line are active and if the fiber line should fail, switch over to 4G is immediate (3-5 seconds) without any impact to users and your business.

For full 100% assurance, Blue Wireless offers remote monitoring and management of the connection and notification in case the 4G connection is activated.

Select Your Package

 Enterprise 4G Router with SIM

Failover in 3 seconds

Integrated in your LAN network

One-Time Installation

AUD 650 one-time

100 GB of 4G data usage for 1 year

Add'l Usage: AUD 9.00/GB 

Monthly Charge: AUD 75/mo

12 month contract

One-Time billing

All charges are before 10% GST

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