Blue Wireless Low Cost 4G Access
4G/LTE Enterprise Router 
High Speed Internet up to 100Mbps
Generous Monthly Data Allowance
Next Day Professional

The Usage Based Package allows you to put together the service to your technical specifications and business needs. Select your usage package, router equipment and service options and Blue Wireless will deliver it as a single service, whether you require to connect one office or dozens of branches.

1. Select Usage 

Select your usage plan first: 50GB or 100GB is often sufficient for a small branch with normal business applications. 

200GB will be for larger locations or if you use a lot of video. But no worries, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time, without penalties. Key advantages we offer:

1. You can choose any network:

Optus, Vodafone or Telstra - whatever is best for your location

2. All our plans are automatically shareable.

So if you add more sites, you can simply use your existing plan or upgrade

50 Gigabyte

of usage per month 
AUD 147/mo

Additional Usage
AUD 9.00/GB

100 Gigabyte

of usage per month 

AUD 274/mo

Additional Usage
AUD 9.00/GB

200 Gigabyte

of usage per month 

AUD 517/mo 

Additional Usage
AUD 9.00/GB

2. Select Router 

Different business situations require different equipment. Select the router model which best matches your need and we'll provide it on a low monthly lease with free next day replacement in case of any failure. Popular models include:



Cradlepoint CBA850

Enterprise Access Router

Full Warranty with next

business day replacement included

Monthly Lease

AUD 64/mo



Cradlepoint AER 1600

Enterprise Branch Router

Full Warranty with next

business day replacement included

Monthly Lease

AUD 73/mo



Cradlepoint IBR 900

IP-64 Rated Enterprise Router

Full Warranty with next

business day replacement included

Monthly Lease

AUD 78/mo

3. Add Service Options

Our service options ensure you have a complete working solution, not just a piece of kit.

We provide advanced configuration and professional installation services across Australia and have a range of management and security options to match your IT environment.

Configuration & Installation

Router Configurations

To match your routing- and

VPN requirements

Professional Installations

On-Site to ensure optimal performance

LTE Antennas

High Gain Flat Panel Antenna

Essential for containers and

remote areas

Omnidirectional Antenna

For Vehicles, Vessels

Support & Cloud

Cradlepoint NetCloud Access

Full Visibility and Control

of Router Estate

Remote Management

Ensuring High Uptime with SLA

and pro-active support


Web Filtering

Web Filtering

Block dangerous-, non-business websites and streaming  

Usage & Bandwidth Control

Reduce usage cost and improve performance

We serve a range of business customers across different sectors: Construction, Industrial, Services Industry and Public Sector. We're always happy to give references and all our services come with a full satisfaction guarantee.

Please see below some of our existing active customers.

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