Blue Wireless 4G Shared Data Pool

4G Shared Data Pool for your 4G Devices

Businesses have an ever increasing number of 4G enabled devices such as tablets, 4G routers, pocket MIFI devicec or 4G CCTV. Unfortunately, they all come with individual 4G dataplans with long contracts, resulting in high monthly charges, unused capacity, and overage surcharges.

Blue Wireless is different. We offer Shared Data Pool for all your 4G devices, so you can share a large economical datapool across multiple SIMs, reducing cost an increasing flexibility. You can vary the number of SIMs for your pool and can change the size of the pool anytime, so you optimize your usage and cost.

Shared Data Pool Benefits:

•    Optimized Usage. No running out of plan, share capacity amongst all SIMs
•    No long-term Contract. Change plans up or down anytime. 
•    No overage penalties. Automatically get the lower cost of the next pricing tier.
•    Monthly Usage Report. Full overview of usage per SIM.
•    New SIM delivered in 24 hours. Enable more devices anytime. 
•    Deactivate on demand. We do it with a phone call. You are in full control.



All Blue Wireless SIMs are enabled for 4G/LTE 150Mbps Internet access using Singapore's fastest LTE network and work in any 4G capable device. Roaming, IDD, SMS, Voice calls are not supported.

How much can your business save?

Our 4G Datashare plans are customized to your specific business needs. So no 'cookie cutter' standard packages, but tailored for your specific devices and usage pattern. Simply select your desired Pool Size and Number of SIMs and we'll provide a custom quotation.

Our customers save between 30-70% on their monthly 4G expenses after switching to Blue Wireless data share. And we'll gladly help with switching SIM cards or re-configuring your devices for free to help you get started.

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We serve a range of business customers across different sectors: Construction, Industrial, Services Industry and Public Sector. We're always happy to give references and all our services come with a full satisfaction guarantee.

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